Crystallize ends 5-8th of Multifrags Invitational

Wed 12th Aug 2015 - 3:03pm Gaming

Crystallize first opponent was Phenomenon where we strugled in our first map in our bo3. 

The first map was Cache where we lost with 2-16. When we went into mirage we all had confidence that we could win this if we just played our A-game. 

We had a lead of 6-0 before losing rounds to 6-6 before we finished the first half with 9-6. After that Phenomenon did a amazing job as T and picked up the game with 11-16. 

That means we lost with 0-2 against Phenomenon and we're out of the tournament. 

Good job to our guys spitfire ozoo marvel vetic relife. 




Jerry Fors

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